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Management and Staff


Kamini qualified in 1987 as a pharmacist, and is the owner of Whitehouse Pharmacy, where she served her internship before purchasing the practice with her late husband Santosh. Kamini currently serves as a treasurer with Pharmaguild , an organisation comprised of pharmacists in the Phoenix Area that serves to assist with community needs. She is also the Vice -chairperson of the regional branch of ICPA ( Independent Community Pharmacy Association), and is a member of the UTI Pharma, Sanofi , and Adcock Ingram Forums. Her association with such organisations has kept her well informed and in touch with the profession and the industry, in terms of the latest in medication, technology, legislation, and innovation.

Together with a complement of 12 staff, she has taken a small pharmacy to one that has become a household name in the greater part of Phoenix.

As owner of the pharmacy, I take my role seriously in steering and guiding my staff to provide the most superior, yet cost effective pharmaceutical and customer service possible.


Sonal qualified from the University of KZN with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in 2006, and worked in hospital pharmacy before joining Whitehouse Pharmacy in 2009.

Her responsibilities include dispensing medication, reviewing medication for any possible drug interactions, and counseling patients on the proper use and adverse effects of their medication. She is passionate in her interaction with patients and in helping them recover from, or cope with their illnesses.

At Whitehouse Pharmacy, my main focus is to to provide you with the highest level of professionalism, and the utmost care and attention to ensure your well being.


Deven, otherwise known as Balan, is the General Manager. He commenced his journey at Whitehouse Pharmacy as an inexperienced young man, under the care of his mentors, Kamini and the late Santosh Maharaj.

After 23 years of providing passion and commitment to Whitehouse Pharmacy, he has entrenched himself  in the heart of the community which he serves. His dedication and commitment to the work he does each day, brings reward to the patients, doctors, and supplier representatives, that interact with him. Devon is renowned for providing exceptional customer service and care direct from the heart.

Devon is also charged with managing our team of staff members, and believes in leading by example through hard work, and a devotion to the principles of honesty and integrity.

In 2010, Devon successfully completely his Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant qualification and plans to continue to empower himself to better serve his patients and customers.

My pledge is to continue to serve the community with the utmost level of care through my extensive experience, and the knowledge that I have empowered myself with over the years.


Pravashnee started working at Whitehouse Pharmacy in 1999 as a front shop assistant. Her duties and responsibilities include stock control and data capturing. This means that she has to always ensure adequate stock levels, and a wide range of products available at the most affordable prices. Her duties are to also ensure that shelves are packed and refilled by staff in the most efficient manner.

In 2010 , she successfully completed her Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant qualification. This has ensured that she can also serve the needs of a busy dispensary, where her goal is to try and eliminate the waiting time of patients by preparing prescriptions, and ensuring that customers receive the best levels of service and leave in a satisfied manner.

I am proud to have played a part in taking Whitehouse Pharmacy from a small medication provider to one of the largest, leading pharmacies in the North Coast Regions.


Initially employed as a front shop assistant in 2007, through diligence and commitment she studied to empower herself and qualify as a Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant. This means that she can now can serve our customers and patients more efficiently and competently, and is able to provide professional and appropriate advice. Kirthi enjoys meeting customers and assisting them with both their front-shop and prescription requirements. She is a team player and believes that a unified effort within the pharmacy can make a difference in rendering quality health care.

My enthusiasm for my work ethic extends to ultimate  customer satisfaction through sincerity and empathy.


Nicole is a front shop assistant with 4 years of experience. Her strengths are customer relations and she is a trained Bioderma consultant. Her area of expertise is also in the vitamin department and will gladly provide great advice for any of your needs in this regard. Her duties also include checking that stock has been received, loaded and packed onto the shelves correctly. She is readily available to assist you with your needs, and her bubbly personality will ensure that your shopping experience is pleasantly memorable.

I strive to please, and your health is my priority.


Rose was initially employed as a cleaner in the Procare Pharmacy branch in 1992. She was then promoted to a front shop assistant at Whitehouse Pharmacy. In addition to cashier duties, her responsibility is to ensure the control of stock from the store room to the shelves. Working in a busy pharmacy poses the challenge of consistently maintaining full shelves. Rose also controls the interior store displays, and takes pride in maintaining an extremely pleasant shopping experience through a clean, friendly, and informative pharmacy.

Rose also specialises in the foot care needs of customers and patients, where she also has a vast knowledge of Green Cross Shoes. Orders and supply can also be channeled through her.

My reserved manner allows me to communicate with the older clientele where I have the patience to serve their needs more effectively.


Princess began her employment at Whitehouse Pharmacy in 1997 as a cleaner. Her commitment to the betterment of the pharmacy prompted management to promote her to cashier and front shop assistant. She greets and serves our customers with a friendly smile and endeavours to make sure that they leave in a satisfied manner. Her responsibilities also include stock counts, and ensuring that prices on the shelves are correct. She also ensures that stock is unpacked from boxes and packed onto the shelves quickly and efficiently.

Princess also adds value to the pharmacy by communicating in Zulu to our African customers. Our pharmacists rely on her to interpret their instructions and relay them to the patients so that the correct usage of medication is followed.

I enjoy being part of the pharmacy and I am always willing to give my best in my job.


Vicky has been employed at Whitehouse Pharmacy from 2008 as a driver. He  as one of the team-players. He also assists in our highly pressured environment and increases our efficiency by being a multi-talented back-up staff when needed.

His dedication and loyalty to his position is pivotal in ensuring increased levels of customer satisfaction as we continue to grow our client and patient base.

I am proud to have been a part of our community upliftment campaigns which have brought much recognition and success to the business.


Ester joined the team of Whitehouse Pharmacy, as a stock control, in November 2014. Her duties and responsibilities include maintaining a comprehensive stock level, accurately capturing stock,and setting of the most affordable prices.

I’m glad to be a part of a dynamic team, where everyone works towards one common goal and that is TO OFFER SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE


Shirvani recently joined Whitehouse Pharmacy, has a pharmacy assistant, in January 2015. She was previously employed, in a pharmacy, where she had worked for 9 years. Having had this extensive experience, has enabled Shirvani, to serve the community needs of healthcare, to the highest of standards. Her warm and friendly nature enables patients to trust and thereby seek her valued advise.

I assure you, our patient, the best and most professional service, always


Yoovisha, is employed at Whitehouse Pharmacy, as a front shop assistant and cashier, since May 2014. Her duties include stock replenishment, serving and assisting customers , and cashing. She accomplishes her task with diligence, dedication, and commitment, thereby, affording a superior shopping experience.

It is a please to be a part of a great team at Whitehouse Pharmacy. Together we offer the best healthcare possible


Thandi, joined Whitehouse Pharmacy in April 2013, as a front shop assistant and cashier. She is friendly, helpful and is the most important first and last point of contact with most customers. Her eagerness to assist and satisfy ensures a very pleasant shopping experience.

I am here to serve, you the customer to the best of my ability.

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