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Home » Guides » Athlete’s Foot Treatment – Tell Me What I Need to Know
Athlete’s Foot Treatment – Tell Me What I Need to Know

Athlete’s Foot Treatment – Tell Me What I Need to Know

Once you have a confirmed diagnosis of athlete’s foot it is important that you get the proper treatment that you need so that you can rid yourself of the irritation and aggravation associated with this horrid foot condition.

If this is your first encounter with athlete’s foot then make sure that you make a call to your healthcare provider so that you can have a medical exam to confirm the diagnosis. No self treating until you are sure that you have athlete’s foot especially since it could be another foot condition and you want to be sure that you appropriately treating the condition.

Your healthcare provider can make a diagnosis of athlete’s foot as soon as she has been able to visually examine your foot.

Some physicians may simply visually inspect your foot and review your list of complaints and others may also decide to take a small sample of skin from the affected area to have examined at the lab. When a diagnosis of your foot condition has been made and you walk out knowing that you have athlete’s foot then start the prescribed treatment immediately.

Some healthcare providers may decide to treat your athlete’s foot with an over-the-counter anti-fungal spray or an anti-fungal cream.

Most episodes of athlete’s foot are mild and typically clear up within two to three weeks; however, there are some cases of athlete’s foot which re-occur time and time again requiring additionally treatment. For these hard to treat cases you might find that taking preventative measures such as using medicated sprays and powders on your feet and in your shoes can often times prevent a recurrence.

With especially tough cases your healthcare provider may decide to prescribe a prescription strength anti-fungal pill or spray or cream in hopes of squashing the athlete’s foot.

Sometimes it seems that the sprays and creams treat more of the topical areas and yet don’t get deep enough to get to the root of the fungus. Strong oral anti-fungal medications may be required to sufficiently treat the infection. Most often it seems that athlete’s foot treatment when taken at the prescription strength level seem to provide an overall better response to treatment.

If you really want to get rid of this foot condition then you must complete the entire course of prescribed medication or the risk of re-occurrence is very likely.

So if this is your first time, see a doctor for confirmation. But if you are a pro at athlete’s foot and know what you are looking at, then get the treatment meds out and start to work fighting the fungal battle to get your feet back in order.

If you do not see an improvement in your symptoms of athlete’s foot within two weeks after the initiation of treatment, then you must see your physician for assistance.

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